Fertwise Products


Fertwise ecological and nutritional principles are the fundamental basis of Fertwise products. Our innovative and technological range of fertilisers are packed with elemental Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and essential trace elements.

Fertwise NPK Liquid Fertilisers give pasture and crops the fertility and nutrition they require quickly and easily. Direct application of plant accessible nutrients removes the concern of wastage without compromising the soils nutrient bank or microbial life.

Liquid Fertilisers feed plants through both the leaf and their roots. Once applied plants absorb the nutrients quickly promoting rapid growth and healthier, nutritious feed stock.


Specifically formulated to suit New Zealand farming conditions and seasonal changes. Fertwise gives farmers the advantage of:

1. Produces high quality, nutrient rich goods.
2. Improved nitrogen assimilation reducing leaching and volatilisation.
3. Less drift, no inert material, fillers, or heavy metal contaminants.
4. Rapidly assimilated nutrients for animal health and condition.
5. Builds strong, resilient pasture and crops.
6. Compatibility with herbicides, pesticides, bio-stimulants and hormone growth promoters.
7. New Zealand made and Ecologically kind.

Fertwise Liquid Fertilisers